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Top ten things massage therapists think about before and during massages

Have you ever wondered what your massage therapist may be thinking before and during massages?  Here is a little insight into some of the things that may be on our minds depending on how the day is going…

10. I think I turned the lights too low – what time is it?

9. This looks like it feels sooooo good

8. Do my underarms smell, it has been a busy day

7. I hope this spot on his back is not contagious

6. I am sorry but I can’t guarantee I won’t get oil in your hair!

5. If you call me a masseuse one more time…

4. What is it like to have finger nails?

3. I hope my next client gets a shower before she comes in

2. If my next client doesn’t get a shower, I hope she at least has clean feet

1. I hope I get a nice tip – I worked really hard



  1. LOL Thanks for the smile today. I had to share this with everyone.

  2. What about..
    I could do with having a massage like this, myself!

  3. (1) i just started my shift – why do I always get the huge guys first! (i’m gonna be tired all day).

    (2) is it break time, yet!

    (3) this guy looks cheap; so much for a big tip; i’ll give him 50 minutes – tops.

    (4) NO I WON’T DO THAT!

  4. I hope this was intended to be a bit of satire.
    IF massage therapies actually think this way, I’m going to have to have a chat with my therapist.
    Personaly as a energy therapist, my thoughts are in the moment and wondering how I can make my client’s experience the best it can be.

  5. oops my bad – spelling mistake – massage therapist not therapies.

  6. I used to work at a ‘discount’ place and frequently in my head:

    If you wanted really deep work, why did you come to the cheapest place in town, and then get the swedish- the cheapest thing we offer? This is WORK, you know!

    Some others: I can’t give you your full session if you insist on coming 10 minutes late EVERYTIME!!

    I really hope my regular 5:00 is over their cold- I could use their funny stories today!

    I knew I should’ve gone to the washroom before this session!

    They really need to stretch more- what’s the best way to convince them I can’t fix this by myself?

    And Lorinda- I have these thoughts all the time, but they only take about 30 seconds of each session- I promise the rest of the time is goofy-faced tongue out, finger-focused, figuring out that stubborn knot so they can relax! But those thoughts aren’t any fun to share!

  7. Thanks Becca,
    Yes, I know all about those stubborn knots. My husband has shoulders that alternate between wood and stone, the hands certainly take a beating.
    Hope you get some pampering after a rough day like this. 🙂

  8. I agree with all of the above, especailly the dark room.

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