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Tingling in the hands can be caused by tight neck muscles

Many people experience tingling sensations in one or both hands.  The tingling may only be in part of the hand or the entire hand and may occur sporadically or be present most of the time.  Often the tingling is a concern to people who think there is a neurological cause of the symptom.  While this is possible the cause is much more likely to be from something simpler – tight neck muscles.

Your brachial plexus is the nerve bundle that travels from your cervical (neck) vertebrae to your arms. When these nerves, which provide motor and sensory function to your arms, leave your spinal cord they pass though your neck and chest on their way to their destination.  At the beginning of this journey your brachial plexus passes very close to your scalene muscles.  The scalenes are muscles are that elevate your upper ribs during respiration and assist in neck movement.

When your scalene muscles are hypertonic (tight) they can exert pressure on the brachial plexus causing sensations in the hands, including tingling.  The treatment for this condition is simple – medical massage therapy.  By releasing the hypertonic scalenes, pressure on the nerves going to the arms is alleviated and often the tingling will stop, for good.  This is a very simple and non invasive treatment that usually produces significant results in the first session.

For more information please see our article on medical massage therapy.



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  2. non evasive? try non invasive…doesn’t massage have enough cred issues? if you want to be taken seriously learn use the correct word!

  3. Tim, Thanks for the correction. You sound a little stressed yourself. I recommend a relaxation massage.

  4. Frank A. Casucci III LMT says:

    Tingling in the hands can be caused by tight neck muscles — how about talking about TOS

  5. There is tightness in my shoulder area, which could be responsible to this tingling sensation and numbness in my left arm. You might be right, Steve. Reading a lot about what’s causing this scares me. But if this persists for days, got to have a thorough medical check-up. Thanks for calming me down.

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