New source of massage and spa news, articles, facts, and more: The Massage Advancer

Steve Ibach, Senior Editor of The Massage Advancer

Steve Ibach, Senior Editor of The Massage Advancer

In a press release this week Kala Group, LLC and Hawaiian Experience Spa announced the creation of this publication, The Massage Advancer; a non profit online magazine whose mission is to advance the profession of massage therapy through factual reporting.

Senior editor of the publication, Steve Ibach, says that the company wants to create a comprehensive resource for the general public and professional therapists seeking factual information about the massage and day spa industries.  The Massage Advancer currently has several writers and plans on adding many more during the next few months. “We believe that professional therapists throughout the nation have insights, experiences, and know facts and news about the massage industry that are not generally available to the public in an organized format.  By bringing on writers from around the nation with different back grounds we hope to create a diverse and dynamic writing team that can help build our data base.”

The Massage Advancer will contain both organic content such as articles about the therapeutic effects of massage therapy, as well as breaking news occurring within the massage and spa industries. Additionally, the online publication will contain articles for professionals in the massage and spa industries including articles on business, marketing, training, etc.  There will also be related articles on Health and Fitness and other similar subjects.

If you have any comments about The Massage Advancer, please feel free to post them here.  Please visit the About Us page for contact information.

If you would like to show your support for this publication and help us get off the ground, please post a link to on your website, blog, Facebook, forums, etc.  The more incoming links the easier it is to find the articles in a Google search.  Please remember we are non profit so every bit of help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. I think this is a great idea to put something out there,in addition to the association magazines, about the benefits of massage therapy, different techniques, i.e. Lymphedema Therapy and new information.
    PT lobbyists have created too much control in regulating therapy and having MT’s be supervised by PT’s in order to receive insurance reimbursement.
    That’s why I had to close down my business of 18 years.
    Increase the medical community’s awareness of what we can do and increase the public receiving therapeutic benefits not just spa treatments then better salaries will be available for MT’s. Recognize MT’s to utilize CPT codes and more hospitals will employ MT’s.
    There’s a lot to be said and we need more voices to say it.
    Good luck

  3. Angela Palmier says:

    Congratulations on this new venture!

  4. I’m glad I found your site via LinkedIn. I look forward to the information you will provide. I’m grabbing your RSS feed right now.

  5. Great news for massage therapists/spa specialist and a great idea to educate the public about spa’s

  6. Always nice to learn and understand what is happening in the MT world! Keeping a holistic approach to health is important.

  7. Great information and site. Good Luck. Look forward to reading more.

  8. Great idea, congratulations! I’d be happy to contribute content on injury prevention, ergonomics and self-care for massage therapists, as one of the leading experts on this subject. I also work with spas to reduce costs associated with therapist injury, so I’m happy to work with you to present information for spas to help keep their therapists healthy and productive.

  9. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.I enjoying reading your post. You make right points in a concise and pertinent fashion, I will read more of your stuff, thank you for your time.

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