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Massage Therapist Jobs: Help Wanted In Phoenix, AZ

sportsmassageMassage therapy is one of the faster growing professions in the United States with demand for massage therapists out pacing supply. Companies across the nation, from Massage Envy to Elements to the Phoenix area’s Hawaiian Experience Spa, have seen this first hand. In a recent article from ABC10 a spokesman for Massage Envy was quoted as saying they have 100 massage therapist openings just in the Greater Sacramento area. The Milwaukee Business Journal reports Elements recently announced it is recruiting 50 to 75 massage therapists for Milwaukee-area and Madison-area studios.

Back in the Phoenix area, Hawaiian Experience Spa is hiring massage therapists for its Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona day spas and will soon be hiring for its new Goodyear, Arizona day spa. Hawaiian Experience Spa is known to offer pay rates about 25% higher then competitors in the Phoenix area but still has trouble finding and retaining quality massage therapists due to the short supply and the nature of the massage business.

Unlike many other careers, massage therapist often only work part-time and do not continue as massage therapists for more than 5 – 10 years before moving on another field. This requires a constant influx of mew massage therapists and the local massage schools are not currently meeting the demand. Additionally, while some national chains will hire nearly anyone with a massage license, privately owned day spas often have stricter standards of experience and quality and have an even narrower field of candidates from which to choose.

If you are a massage therapist in the Phoenix, AZ area, including the surrounding cities such as Scottsdale, Goodyear, Chandler, Tempe, etc. you can check out one of the following websites for current job openings:

Hawaiian Experience Spa: Offers 25% higher pay than competitors. “Better pay – Better place to work” is their motto. The spa is owned and operated by massage therapists.

Massage Envy: Serves over 1 million clients monthly. Has openings nationwide.

Hand and Stone: Some consider it an “upgraded Massage Envy” this chain is hiring for many positions


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