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Massage Memberships: Are they really a good idea?

It seems that every day spa and massage clinic has a massage membership to offer. But is this really something that you want to sign onto? Is it a good deal or just another way to obligate you to spend money every month? The short answer to the first question, is yes, in most cases you are making the right decision in getting that massage or spa membership. It will save you money and focus you on getting the massage you need and enjoy. However, all memberships are not the same and you should understand the terms before you sign up.

Massage Envy was the pioneer in massage memberships but the Massage Envy membership is no longer the only choice out there. You as a client now have lots of choices – something which always promotes better business. Below are some of the important things to look for before choosing to sign up for a massage membership.

Number One: First make sure you like the spa or massage clinic. Who cares how cheap the massage is if you don’t like the massage, the environment, etc. Find a place you love, with dedicated massage therapists, and then decide on the membership.

Once you found that great day spa or massage clinic consider the following when reviewing the massage membership:

What is the term? No longer to you have to commit to a year -the shorter the term, the better for you.

What is the cost? This may be obvious but you should look deeper. What exactly are you getting for your monthly fee? Look at the kind of services you will be receiving and see what the final price will be with and without the membership. The monthly fee may only cover a basic massage and you may need to pay more for what you want. Don’t just look at the monthly fee – look at the monthly cost to you for your services.

What happens when I cancel? What happens to any massages or credits that are paid for but unused when you cancel? Some businesses make you use your prepaid massages or credits before you cancel or you lose them. Others will give you the cash value to use later. You should look for a membership that allows you to still use the money you put in when you cancel, even though you will not get the member discounts.

What other discounts do I get? Do you get discounts on products, gift certificates, facials and other services if available, etc? Don’t assume – find out.

Do you have to come in every month? The harshest membership terms force you to come in every month or lose your massage (that you paid for!) for that month. Stay away from those memberships. You should be able to come in anytime you are still a member.

Guest pricing: Do your guests get discounts and can they use your massages or credits? If you are planning on bringing someone else in make sure you know if that person gets a discount, and can use your prepaid treatments. Sometimes only you can use your prepaid monthly services. In more progressive plans others can use your massages for a small fee. For example, if you paid $49 for a monthly massage and your wife wants to use that treatment, will the spa allow that (perhaps for a small fee of $10 – $15 dollars which should still make the final price less than the regular price).

Look for a day spa or massage clinic that has all of its terms online, for you to review at home. If you have to come in to see the agreement, the odds are you are going to get high pressured to make a decision after your massage when it is most difficult to think!

You have choices, look around and find the best day spa or clinic for you.

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