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Lomi Lomi massage sacred principle II: Kala – There are no limits

At the core of Hawaiian Shamanism are seven sacred principles and these principles are at the core of traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. In a series of seven articles each principle will be listed and its meaning explained. Examples of how the principle can be used in your everyday life to bring harmony between your mind and body will also be presented.

The Second Principle: KALA: There Are No Limits

In the Hawaiian Shamanic belief system, this is taken very literally: NO LIMITS. If we live in an infinite universe, then infinite possibilities and realities must exist. The limitations in our reality are our own doing and can be overcome when we realize that all limitations are artificially created by ourselves. This principle can go into some very deep aspects of the Hawaiian Shamanic belief system, however, for our purposes we will bring this down to a more practical level.

Most people now realize that if a child is constantly told he is messy, he will be messy. If he is told he is bad, he will be bad. As most if not all child psychologists will attest; children need to be raised with positive reinforcement. Children raised in an environment of negativity and criticism will carry those feelings, and limitations, into their adult lives, perhaps forever. Our upbringing, relationships, religious beliefs, the TV shows we watch, the music we listen to, etc., all shape who we are and what we believe about ourselves and our limitations.

It is unfortunate but true that many children are raised in poor neighborhoods where the crime rate is high and expectations are low. Many children growing up in this environment feel that they have no future. With no money, no connections, no understanding of the business or professional world, perhaps an abusive (or neglective) parent, how could they expect any more? But is this belief true? Of course not, at least not according to Hawaiian Shamanic beliefs. Some of these children as they become adults create their own limits and live within those limitations perpetuating the abuse, drugs, poverty, alcoholism, and other negative aspects of their upbringing.

We are all guilty of creating our own limitations to  some degree, either consciously or unconsciously. By removing these artificial, self imposed barriers and creating a new reality (See: Ike – The world is what you think it is) you can accomplish your dreams. There are no limits, so forget about your what you think you can’t do and ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I would not fail?”

For additional information read The Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King (ISBN 0-671-68307-1).

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