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Accomplish all of your dreams by following Hawaiian shamanic principles

At the core of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage are seven sacred Hawaiian principles. These shamanic beliefs are very powerful and incorporating them can change your life. Hawaiian teachings tell us that success, happiness, and contentment are largely dependent on your own thoughts and actions.  Remember you cannot control others – only yourself.

The Third Principle: MAKIA (ma-KEE-a): Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Big Island, HI

The difference between success and failure can sometimes boil down to a matter of focus and attention.  When you commit every fiber of your being to a project you will generally be successful; while half heartedly approaching a tough project is a recipe for failure.

This powerful principle is used in many cultures in the form of meditation. Meditation is simply a state of sustained, focused attention often to accomplish some goal. Hypnosis is nearly identical to deep mediation, although the two have different connotations to the general public.  Extreme focus can reduce stress, help people quit smoking, help students study, and clear the mind so it can accomplish great things.

What could you accomplish with undivided attention?  With so much information flowing back and forth it is more difficult than ever to focus. Emails, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, and even the old fashioned phone call can break your focus in this day and age.  The ancient Hawaiians did not believe in the principle of multitasking because they knew that the human mind can only truly focus on one thing at a time.  Remember your energy follows your attention in a direct proportion.

Did you ever see a scientist discussing a new discovery of his on TV? You will notice the excitement and energy in every word as he describes how, after years of relentless work, he discovered a new sub atomic particle. Every fiber in his being was dedicated to his project. It had his full attention and his full energy.  The greatest accomplishments and successes of all time were accomplished by those who committed there full attention to a project.  Beethoven, Bach, Einstein, Buffet, Gates, Washington and other successful figures achieved their accomplishments through relentless focus.  Their full energies went to the point of their attention and great things happened.

Focus will provide you with the energy needed to succeed. Focus on the important things such as your family, your financial stability, your health, or whatever is important to you, and you will find the energy of your entire being will also focus on the task, so that you can succeed.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes…Is your attention in the right place?

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