This Might Be 2018 Roadmap Of Apple For MacBooks And iMacs

This Might Be 2018 Roadmap Of Apple For MacBooks And iMacs

This Might Be 2018 Roadmap Of Apple For MacBooks And iMacs

In 2016, Apple took a huge move in the laptop segment by rolling out new MacBook Pro devices paired with Touch Bar. Those devices came in two versions and were fueled by own T1 co-processors of the company. In 2017, we witnessed the firm rolling out iMac Pro coupled with T2 co-processors. And now, as per a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is already operating on a new co-processor that is expected to make an entrance in 3 new MacBook devices.

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As per the report, Apple is aiming to roll out an iMac desktop and two MacBook laptops sporting the latest and fresh co-processor. On the basis of the history and the outline for roll outs, this new co-processor might be dubbed as “T3.” Out of the 3 gadgets, both MacBooks are claimed to be an upgraded variant, while the desktop will be fresh.

We are not still certain when Apple aims to roll out these gadgets with a new home-based co-processor, but on the basis of the earlier Mac roll outs, these too might come by the end of 2018. The main processors fueling the desktops and laptops are expected to arrive from Intel, which has been the situation for years now.

Apple previous month declared the iMac Pro, its most influential desktop, in India. The company did not unveil the roll out date of the device but did unveil it to arrive with an introductory cost of Rs 415,000. The device sports a 27-inch 5120 x 2880 pixels 5K Retina screen. Below the hood, consumers will receive an Intel octa-core Xeon W processor with support for almost 32 GB RAM. iMac Pro also backs almost 4 TB of SSD and almost 128 GB of ECC memory. Its graphics is managed by AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56. With 4 x Thunderbolt 3 ports, it can link to up to 2 5K screens and 2 high-performance RAID arrays simultaneously.