Engineering Pass Out Not Efficient Enough To Perform Research Task

Engineering Pass Out Not Efficient Enough To Perform Research Task

Engineering Pass Out Not Efficient Enough To Perform Research Task

Most engineering students in India have very diminutive information about their field research and they do not have the necessary guidance to make a career in research. According to this study, less than three of the top 10 engineering graduates of the country know about their field of International Research Journal or Conference. The figure associated with the top 50 students is worse, as it lands to just 22%.

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The results of the study are based on top engineering undergraduates on the basis of a survey conducted to know how much they know about the research happening in their field. These students were identified on the basis of scores of their AMCAT, which is the largest employment assessment of the country, made by Aspiring Minds. Only top 15% of the 3000–4000 students scoring in AMCAT were included in the survey.

Co-founder of Study Aspiring Minds, Varun Aggarwal’s book ‘Leading Science and Technology: India Next?’ was made as part of the study. According to the study, 81% engineer is not aware of any well-known research in his field. Aggarwal said, “As a top career option, there is a lot of focus on engineering, medicine or management, but there is no attraction in the research career in India. The biggest reason for this is the importance of research? How does this happen? And why is this exciting? These people do not know.”

According to the study, the biggest reason for not being aware of the research is that there are not many such researchers in India that they can put their opinions on science and industry in a very reasonable way in front of the world. Aggarwal said, “The government is focusing on research and development in the competition at the global level to get better positions from others, but very few scientists and researchers are emerging as a public role model.”

Aggarwal said, “There is a problem in presenting the students as an attractive career between non-respectable public and not having a reasonable respect for the researchers in the society.” According to the survey, the top five changes related to research in India, three of them were associated with professional rewards. Students said that awareness about research is not in India as it does not get the benefit guidance here. About 75% of the students covered in the survey said that there is no discussion from faculty in the class regarding research. Even half of the prestigious institutes such as IIT have agreed to bring a research-based discipline and trend in the class.