Apple Presents Its Privacy Policy As If It Were A Different Product

November 23, 2019

It is not rare for consumers to skip reading privacy policy of an app due to the fact that it is too jumbled and long. It seems that, Apple needs to alter that. This week, it launched a novel privacy page that makes rules simpler to understand and read. The new privacy page seems more like a page for product as compared to your standard display of normal text.

The renovated page employs only a few words to define how every app defends your privacy. If you need to understand more, you can tap the + logo and you will get a 2-paragraph description. Go to the features section, and Apple offers even more data on privacy associated to Maps, Safari, Messages, Photos, Apple News, Siri, Health, and Wallet. All of the data is fragmented down into digestible parts.

The latest page brings in design aesthetic of Apple, so it is not just complete with text. Most essentially, the upgrade does make privacy policies of Apple simpler to skim or read. The rules themselves have not altered.

Just last week, Facebook rolled out a new segment of privacy ruled for messenger to offer visually appealing, clear data on safety, privacy, and security features. And in 2018, Google upgraded its privacy policy to make it simpler to comprehend. As security and privacy turned out to be, reasonably, more of a focus, maybe Google, Apple, and Facebook can motivate others to make their privacy policies less of a turn off.

On a related note, in a bid to make it simpler to know the rules of its service, Twitter earlier declared that it is making the language around its rules simple. The firm claimed that it has gone to just 600 from 2,500 words and now defines every rule in 280 characters or less.

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