Disney+ Is Not Operating For Some Consumers At Launch

November 22, 2019

Similar to most new online platforms, it seems like the launch of Disney+ is not going to be challenge-free. After the streaming platform went live this week, some enthusiasts on the east coast found that they cannot link to Disney’s servers to see any shows. On Twitter, there are an increasing number of reports of users encountering an “unable to link to Disney+” error text.

The problem does not seem to be impacting everybody, but it is sufficiently extensive that you can refresh Twitter every now & then and see new grievances emerge up each second. As per media Downdector, there have been almost 8,000 reports of users being not able to link to Disney’s servers. Various media staff have operated into the error message too.

If you have tried using an online game during, you will know that these kinds of problems crop up every time when everybody makes an effort to sign in suddenly. Usually, they get solved soon as new servers are brought online and requirement settles downs.

In fact, Disney claimed that it anticipated exactly this kind of problem to happen. As per the media, the firm’s Kevin Mayer claimed earlier, “There are always tech errors. And you can always enhance the technical performance of any platform such as this and we will carry on doing so. We have not resolved everything by any ways.” Disney tried to expect some problems by performing a soft-rollout in the Netherlands, but if this week proves anything, it is that a smooth roll out at scale is hard.

It seems that Disney has also postponed the roll out in Puerto Rico for the service. The firm had claimed that it might roll out there on this week, but it will now rather roll out a week later. It is not clear if this week’s problems are associated to the holdup.

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