YouTube For Desktop Includes Easier Channel Muting And Richer Video Previews

November 20, 2019

You may notice a more spotless still richer look the next time you go to YouTube on a tablet or a computer. The video-sharing media has begun launching out a new design for its tablet and desktop homepage, which shows higher resolution video previews and richer thumbnails. It has also eliminated some video rows to make the site less messy, but it has included channel logos below every video to offer you a quick method to arrange your favorite developers.

Here is a possibly better news if you normally see YouTube on a PC rather than on a mobile machine: the Google division has finally launched on desktop “add to queue.” You will be capable of adding a video to your catalog directly from its preview thumbnail, and you can keep including more without disturbing whatever it is you are seeing—just make certain not to close your tab on browser, because your list will also vanish.

If the algorithm by YouTube has been displaying unpalatable, offensive videos on your suggestion list—a problem the service has been grappling with for quite some time—you can employ the new feature of the desktop version to solve that. On the site, simply click at the bottom of a video on the 3-dot pull-down menu and select “Don’t suggest channel.” YouTube initially rolled out the function on mobile earlier in June.

Apart from this, the firm commits to bring one more mobile-first function to tablets and desktop that will allow you select your favorite topics. After it comes, YouTube will employ the topics you select to customize your feed on Home and fill it with pertinent videos. The feature launched on Android in June and will be accessible “soon” on desktop. Users have been waiting for this for a long time.

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