Study finds, singletons are more probable to get obese

November 19, 2019

Apparently, according to a study printed recently, only kids are at a higher risk of getting obese as compare to kids having siblings. Body weight and the eating habits of only kid was looked upon by the study, which are also known as singletons by researchers, found that they possessed less healthy eating habits and choices of beverage as compare to families having more than one child. Dr. Natalie Muth, who is a pediatrician said that, even though the size of the sample was small, and the study could not establish cause and effect, it raises an interesting pint that we need to better understand.

Numerous researches along with this study have demonstrated that singletons are more probable to become obese or overweight, added Muth, who was not part of the study. She said, why is it so? as the answer to this question is not provided by the study, it is still essential in building the research body which will eventually end up in roving stronger answers. Researchers have long fascinated by singletons. Many negative false beliefs have been focused by early studies that only child would develop egocentric, selfish, excessively spoiled, no sharing habit and headstrong.

From the past few decades, the relation among being obese and singletons has been looked by China and Europe along with the birth order. A gold mine of data was provided to the researchers by the single-child policy in China from the years 1980-2016. One research of twenty-thousand Chinese single child found only sons were 36 percent more probable to be obese in urban China and 43 percent were more probable to be overweight as compare to sons having siblings. Additional studies have found that, being the only child or last-born kid was linked with overweight, probably due to the patterns followed by their parents during mealtimes.

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